Arnoldi Grailbearer


Arnoldi stands at about 5’’ 7’, bald, with green eyes. He is dressed in simple, elegant robes, and carries with him a scimitar.


Early Life

After his awakening, Arnoldi was captured and detained in the Clearwater Reserve.

During his time in captivity, Arnoldi became convinced that the living are weak, attempting to control what they fear and only prevailing because of the lack of resistance. Wanting to defy this tendency, Arnoldi understood that while the living has a timely end, the undead does not.

Motivated by the cruelties of the living, Arnoldi created the Grimtouched of the Grail – otherwise known as The Grimtouched Grailbearers – which fights to free any and all grimtouched from oppression, ultimately aiming to see the demise of all living beings in Dar’kharrow and the grimtouched rise to cover the entire world.

Arnoldi Grailbearer

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