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  • Grimtouched

    Humanoid in appearance, Grimtouched do not know how they came to exist, or whatlife they had before undeath. Some have vague memories of a previous life, ranging from knowledge of a burning hate, to love for particular objects or activities.  …

  • Falkville

    Falkville is a city located in the far east of Dar'kharrow. It is currently the only city governed by grimtouched forces.

    Falkville was named after the Iomedaen cleric Peter Falklore.

    Law and justice …

  • Dar'kharrow Port

    Law and justice

    Dar'kharrow Port is the only city which uses an accusatory judgement system (i.e., a system in which you are innocent until proven guilty), and can therefore be regarded as the most modern city.

    Power in …

  • Arnoldi Grailbearer

    h2. Early Life After his awakening, Arnoldi was captured and detained in the Clearwater Reserve. During his time in captivity, Arnoldi became convinced that the living are weak, attempting to control what they fear and only prevailing because of the …