Bloodhold is a fortress city located in the north-eastern part of Dar'kharrow. It is the country's capital, and previously the seat of the king of Dar'kharrow. The headquarters of the Deathshield Guardians is located within Bloodhold.

Law and justice

In Bloodhold, all courts are staffed by military personnel, and all judges are military judges. Civilian justice (primarily non-violent crime such as con-artistry, libel, false accusation, etc.) in Bloodhold is relegated to justice councils, which are unsanctioned councils of civilian inhabitants of local communities.

While this might seem illegitimate, the rates of civilian crime are remarkably low, although there's a distinct problem with false accusation; this particular crime cross the boundary between the judicial branches within Bloodhold in relation to violence. False allegations of violence will be treated in the military courts, but the follow-up in the case of a false allegation is delegated to the civilian councils. 


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