Deathshield Rebellion

The Deathshield Rebellion was a rebellion lead by Aranos Brutanados, and marks the change in government throughout Dar'kharrow from monarchy to martial law, with the eventual consequence of the country descending into anarchy and civil war.

After the destruction of Lightgarde, King Geomund III (later known as King Geomund the Feeble) fortified Bloodhold and hid inside. Having relocated large parts of the military, King Geomund had left all other towns practically defenseless, which resulted in a rising number of grimtouched related crime and desertion throughout Dar'kharrow, with especially town guards leaving their posts.

Using the incompetence of the King, the disempowered populace, and the discontent Church of Iomedae, Aranos Brutanados recruited guard captains and lieutenants, and created the Deathshield Guardians; a rogue military faction whose stated goals were protecting the populace against the undead menace.

Reacting to the insurgency, King Geomund declared the Deathshield Guardians to be in open rebellion, which in turn ignited the brewing tensions between the common people and the state. In turn, Aranos Brutanados declared the king to be a usurper to the throne, claiming that he had no legitimate power over the people and encouraging the kings generals to abandon their duties and stand down.

The rebellion lead to civil war, with multiple violent confrontations between the Deathshield Guardians and armed citizenry engaging the royal forces, and the loss of countless lives. Three years after its beginning, the rebellion ended when King Geomund was assassinated by one of his bodyguards.

Deathshield Rebellion

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