Grimtouched of the Grail

The Grimtouched of the Grail, also known as the Grimtouched Grailbearers, or in common tongue the Grailbearers, is a Grimtouched terrorist organization whose stated goal is the liberation of all grimtouched in Dar'kharrow. The organization is led by Arnoldi Grailbearer who preaches the utter destruction or submission of the living.

The Grailbearers is notorious for prison breaks, ransacking caravans, committing arson, and assassinating leaders and politicians.

Preaching death and enslavement of the living means that the Grailbearers are mostly composed of disenfranchised and previously imprisoned grimtouched, many of which the organization itself has helped escape.

The Grailbearers are seen as extremists by many common grimtouched, who believe that passing as living is preferable to the constant split between the cursed and the living. The Grailbearers treat these grimtouched as sympathizers and defectors, the punishment of which is destruction. As such, their popularity is heavily polarized.

Grimtouched of the Grail

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