Law and justice

Crime within Dar'kharrow is usually pursued by divinists and paladins, with the use magic to divine truth claims. Judgement is done by appointed judges by the magistrate, and legislation is done by the magistrates of the individual towns.

There are stark differences in law and justice between the different towns. All cities except Dar'kharrow Port uses inquisitive methods to pursue justice, and as such the judges are the arbiters of right and wrong.

Dar'kharrow Port:

Dar'kharrow Port is the only city which uses an accusatory judgement system (i.e., a system in which you are innocent until proven guilty), and can therefore be regarded as the most modern city.

Power in Dar'kharrow Port is split between the city guard (the executive branch), the magistrate (the legislative branch), and judges appointed by the magistrate (the judicial branch).

While this modern split of power is very stable, the magistrate is not democratically appointed, and is instead drawn from a pool of noblemen, royals, and rich merchants. As such, the judges are not unbiased and it is very rare that economical crime and corruption is pursued, since this requires a judge to turn on a magistrate, and hence bring their own position in danger.

Although common wisdom recognizes the pervasiveness of the kangaroo courts, most crime is pursued honestly, and some judges are staunch defenders of the law and become powerful symbols of justice for the people, granting them some leverage against repercussions of the magistrate.


In Bloodhold, all courts are staffed by military personnel, and all judges are military judges. Civilian justice (primarily non-violent crime such as con-artistry, libel, false accusation, etc.) in Bloodhold is relegated to justice councils, which are unsanctioned councils of civilian inhabitants of local communities.

While this might seem illegitimate, the rates of civilian crime are remarkably low, although there's a distinct problem with false accusation; this particular crime cross the boundary between the judicial branches within Bloodhold in relation to violence. False allegations of violence will be treated in the military courts, but the follow-up in the case of a false allegation is delegated to the civilian councils. 

St. Barban's Town:

In St. Barban's Town, only churches can appear in court. The justice system is one called "Religious Moral Justice", where two distinct strains of crime can be pursued: Crimes against the community, and crimes against the individual. Judges have to be part of the church of Abadar for cases against the community, or the church of Irori for cases against the individual.

The prosecution is responsible for choosing a judge. All defendants are allowed to find a cleric who will be their defense attorney. Depending on strain of crime being pursued, it falls to prosecution to prove "harmful intent to disrupt the community or the individual, to the satisfaction of a representative of the respective church".

Crime against the community is defined as "assaulting or attempting to mislead the prosperity, freedom, or health of the public" and examples includes arson, fraud, defamation, false witness, negligence, terrorism, treason, and sabotage.

Crime against the individual is defined as "suppression of individual liberty and bodily autonomy" and examples include assault and bodily harm, murder, robbery, theft, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, torture, and deprivation of freedom.

Since crimes are seen in the context of the victim, a criminal can be prosecuted within both courts simultaneously, and the result of one court case has no influence on the other. 

In cases where the prosecution is done by the state (e.g. murder and treason), the prosecuter is usually a representative of the Church of Iomedae.


Falkville rely on military rule, and the distinction between guards and soldiers is almost non-existant. While Falkville has open persecution and accusation, most crimes are not pursued due to a lack of resources (i.e. divinists and paladins). For this reason, treason is the only crime which is always pursued.

Law and justice

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