Operation Scalding Sun

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Operation Scalding Sun (or the Takeover of Falkville) was a military operation conducted by members of the Damned Destroyers against the city guard of Falkville (mainly composed of soldiers from the Deathshield Guardians), leading to the city falling under grimtouched governance and the death of countless civilians. 

On the 27th of July, 130 ALD, a group of grimtouched soldiers stormed the home of the magistrate of Falkville, murdering and flaying the magistrate and his family. The group then proceeded to crucify and display the burning corpses. This act lead to the beginning of a grimtouched revolution, in which the grimtouched inhabitants of Falkville overwhelmed the guards, murdering and capturing them by the hundreds.

The Deathshield Guardians dispatched a relieving force when the commanders were informed of the attack, but as this force arrived, the Damned Destroyers had lined the walls of Falkville with the crucified and burning corpses of the slain guards, terrorizing the relieving soldiers outside the walls. 

Using the confusion, the grimtouched started firing both rocks and living hostages at the soldiers with catapults, severely crippling the loyalist forces. The loyalists attempted to regroup and storm the city, leading to a massive melee, but after just one week of fighting, more than 700 loyalist soldiers lie dead in the streets with an additional 200 routed, and only 350 grimtouched soldiers destroyed. This staggering difference in casualties prompted the commander of the loyalist forces to retreat, which gave the grimtouched reprieve to fortify the city further.

Operation Scalding Sun is considered the first successful grimtouched coup since the discovery of the grimtouched, and is noted as one of the blots in Dar'kharrow history.

Operation Scalding Sun

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