Rowdy Rascals

The Rowdy Rascals is a gang that has its presence in Dar'kharrow. Dating back to the days of Lightgarde, the gang preaches total autonomy and survival of the fittest.

Rowdy Rascals can be recognized by their tattoos, which signal their contributions to the gang. Examples range widely in their shape and size, but share a few signifying themes. To be considered a proper Rascal, one needs to brandish a neck tattoo of two severed fingers in a V-shape, called "The Severed V".

Having the Severed V located anywhere but the neck, without one on the neck as well, makes one a pretender. A Rascal who is seen accompanying pretenders is considered a detractor.

The punishment for being a pretender or a detractor is what the Rascals call a "Ruffle", which involves a group of Rascals assaulting the perpetrator, cutting off their right index and middle fingers, and ransacking their home. To avoid being Ruffled, one can cut off their own fingers, since this is the only permanent signifier of a Ruffling.

Snitches are considered traitors and sentenced to death, where their corpses are mutilated and strung up on a building or a town gate. This acts as a warning and a show of prowess.

Rascals with only the Severed V are considered newbies and are usually ill-received, until they get one or more signifier tattoos.

While the core ideology of the Rascals involve total freedom, they are commonly discouraged from harassing civilians, and are often seen engaging with their local communities to support their livelihoods.

Rowdy Rascals

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