The infrastructure of Dar'kharrow varies slightly depending on specific location. Generally, it is better than real world medieval infrastructure, although weapon development has been retarded by the use of magic. Additionally, grimtouched societies are generally behind on most infrastructural development, since these have a lesser need for functional infrastructure.

Plumbing and sanitation:

Plumbing is generally comparable to early roman plumbing systems. This means that the streets are relatively clean (albeit with the crevices covered in piss), and most wealthy households have personal bathrooms and toilets.

Poorer communities make use of a "Waste well"; a well which they dump their excrements into, and which then leads the waste into the ocean.

Bathing is done in local bath houses or personal baths, again dependent on individual prosperity, which are maintained by so called "sanitizers" (plumbers and housekeepers).

Within grimtouched communities, the sanitation and bathing options are usually poorly maintained, given their reduced usage to the undead and hence the low amount of sanitizers.


Transportation within towns is managed with carriages manned with professional carriage drivers. The rates of these carriages swings wildly depending on the individual driver, since there's no unions and organizations. More expensive carriages carry guards and mercenaries, and can be a lucrative endeavor for the owner. Some inter-city carriage drivers use their carriages as traps and rob their customers when leaving the cities, and as such, inter-city carriage drivers regard a good reputation as very worthwhile.

Carriage driving is almost extinct in grimtouched communities, since the undead can run indefinitely and never sleep. As such, their concept of time is remarkably different, and the value of paid transportation is extremely low.

Banking and finances:

Banking and finances is widespread in Dar'kharrow, though most of the financial institutions are located at the port or in St. Barban's Town and are intertwined with religious institutions. Loans and interest rates exist, but are often predatory and unjust, and are mainly used by evil churches. Legislation of banking is very limited, and it is often regarded as a personal fault to be borrowing money.

Most religious institutions have their own banks, which have separate rules and rates. The most commonly used institution of banking, due to their high accessibility, clearly outlined rules, and fair interest rates, is the Church of Abadar. This church also has the added benefit of loans being recorded rigorously, and as such a loan can be paid off at any church in the country. Other examples of institutions that offer banking services include:

  • The Church of Asmodeus
  • The Church of Dispater
  • Dar'kharrow Society of Banking

The former two being outlawed in St. Barban's Town and Bloodhold.


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