Altha Skyrunner

Mistress of the Damned Destroyers


Blonde hair, fair skin and burning red eyes, Altha is usually clad in black and white robes and donning a breastplate, a steel shield and a longsword. Taller than most, Altha is of a strong and slender build, clocking in at 5’ 10’’ in height and weighing about 170 lbs.


Altha Skyrunner (also known as The Mistress) is the founder and current leader of the Damned Destroyers, former lieutenant of the Grailbearers, and the conqueror of Falkville.

Previously known as Captain Sister Eliza, Altha was a renowned member of the Sisters of Solaire, tasked with hunting down the outlaws Levah and Sonan. Stationed in St. Barbans Town, she was tricked, ambushed, and killed alongside her subordinates on the orders of Arnoldi Grailbearer.

While Levah chose to drag some of the slain sisters’ corpses with him for his own devious purposes, two of the sisters survived and were taken prisoner. A short while later, Eliza awoke while the team of outlaws had set up camp. Realizing that she was grimtouched, Killigan, a third criminal, tricked the distraught Eliza, giving her a new identity and convincing her that she was being fervently hunted by the living.

Left at camp to contemplate her fate and keep watch of the prisoners while the outlaws set out for their own devices, Altha was confronted by the newly awoken prisoners who zealously condemned her undeath. Panicked and confused, Altha murdered the prisoners, directly against Levah’s will.

Altha apologized profusely to Levah when the party returned, with little effect, but was spared on the agreement that Killigan would watch her and make sure she did not mess with Levah’s future business.

Rarely engaging in combat, Altha acted as a healer when fighting alongside her newfound comrades. Despite the fact that she was physically inferior to the team, she proved her will to help and became appreciated, though she was largely considered an unnecessary addition to the team.

Altha was then left in the care of Arnoldi, who began training her as his subordinate. Still, Altha strove to join forces with Killigan, the only person to show her any kind of compassion.

When Killigan and the team disappeared, due to their encounter with Grinex Pyrofiend, Altha demanded she be allowed to search for them, but had her request dismissed by Arnoldi. This lead to her falling out with Arnoldi and going into exile from the Grailbearers.

After her departure from the Grailbearers, she found the charred corpses of the team just a few miles northwest of Arnoldi’s hideout. Mourning the death of Killigan, she promised to avenge him, returning his – and only his – corpse to her temporary hideout in Falkville.

While inhabiting Falkville, Altha began fueling a grimtouched revolution, and gained a large following by criticizing the efforts of the Grailbearers as extremism and demonizing the ruling class as tyrants and xenophobes. Using this following, Altha initiated Operation Scalding Sun. which drove the living out of Falkville.


  • Altha has a holy symbol of Urgathoa made out if iron. This holy symbol was a gift to Altha from Killigan which was made to match his holy symbol (same design and material, but different gods)
  • Altha is the only travelling companion of the Levah, Sonan, and Killigan to survive past the liberation of Falkville, outliving both Erafas Goldtooth and Nomak

Altha Skyrunner

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