Dar'kharrow Port

Law and justice

Dar'kharrow Port is the only city which uses an accusatory judgement system (i.e., a system in which you are innocent until proven guilty), and can therefore be regarded as the most modern city.

Power in Dar'kharrow Port is split between the city guard (the executive branch), the magistrate (the legislative branch), and judges appointed by the magistrate (the judicial branch).

While this modern split of power is very stable, the magistrate is not democratically appointed, and is instead drawn from a pool of noblemen, royals, and rich merchants. As such, the judges are not unbiased and it is very rare that economical crime and corruption is pursued, since this requires a judge to turn on a magistrate, and hence bring their own position in danger.

Although common wisdom recognizes the pervasiveness of the kangaroo courts, most crime is pursued honestly, and some judges are staunch defenders of the law and become powerful symbols of justice for the people, granting them some leverage against repercussions of the magistrate.

Dar'kharrow Port

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