Humanoid in appearance, Grimtouched do not know how they came to exist, or whatlife they had before undeath. Some have vague memories of a previous life, ranging from knowledge of a burning hate, to love for particular objects or activities. 

Grimtouched have been granted unholy immortality, and many choose to persue evil, corrupted by the dark energies pulsing through their bodies. Still there are by no means only evil Grimtouched, and some use their curse to fulfill a greater good.

Grimtouched are undead (augmented humanoid). In addition to their normal racial and undead traits, Grimtouched receive the Feign Life and Grimtouched Eyes abilities. Grimtouched never lose their special abilities, although they might receive others that can render them less useful.

Grimtouched Eyes (Ex):
All Grimtouched have special eyes, making them capable of identifying other Grimtouched. While a Grimtouched is not feigning life, their eyes carry a strong red glow, only visible to other creatures with the Grimtouched Eyes special ability.

Feign Life (Su):
Grimtouched are able to imitate living beings to a much greater degree than other undead creatures.
As a full-round action, a Grimtouched can feign life with a Bluff check, making negative energy pulse through their undead veins, and their lungs fake a living breath pattern.
Detecting a Grimtouched feigning life requires a Heal check.
While a Grimtouched is feigning life, they lose the effect of their Grimtouched Eyes ability.


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