Sisters of Solaire

The Sisters of Solaire is an all-female military organization lead by Astora Solaire, specializing in the pursuit and destruction of all things undead. Regarded as both the most resourceful and prominent collection of undead hunters, the Sisters are highly respected and very dangerous.

The Sisters are split into three major divisions; the Clergy, the Arcanis, and the Devoted.

Clergy of Solaire

Acting as the backbone of the organization, spanning all of the clerics, paladins, and hunters, the clergy operates based on the interpreted word of Astora Solaire. Their main mission is spreading the word, purging the undead, curing the sick, and helping the poor.

The clergy is also responsible for recruitment into the organization, although the Arcanis hires their own divinists and magicians.

Ranking in the clergy goes as follows: Initiate, Fledgling, Cleric, Arch-cleric, Bishop, and Cardinal.

An initiate first undergoes a few years of training and service before they become "fledglings"; warriors attached to a squadron lead by an arch-cleric, who mentors them and determines when they are ready to become full members (clerics).

Possessing magic is not a requirement to become part of the clergy. When the arch-cleric deems a fledgling worthy, they request a bishop for a promotion of the member. Any arch-cleric can veto such a request, and this veto can only be broken by a higher-ranking member of the clergy or withdrawn by the arch-cleric themselves.

Arch-clerics are clerics who have several years of experience and who are capable of determining when fledglings are ready to become clerics. It's not unusual for an arch-cleric to be less powerful than clerics, and it's not a requirement to be an arch-cleric before becoming a bishop.

To become a bishop, one must have served Solaire with fervor and determination, have the support of at least one other bishop or cardinal, and have the support of at least a dozen other clerics. In addition, it's required that any bishop can cure diseases and heal the wounded, and hence the rank of bishop is the first that cannot be claimed by people who do not possess magic. Only cardinals can promote a cleric to a bishop.

Becoming cardinal requires that a bishop "distinguishes themselves from their companions, showing a unique determination in the pursuit of furthering the goals of Astora Solaire". Only Solaire herself can appoint new cardinals, who act as generals in the organization. Additionally, while bishops might rule the clergy, cardinals have the power to command arcanis forces aswell.

Sisters Arcanis

The Sisters Arcanis mainly act as an auxiliary force and specialize in gathering intelligence. The Arcanis is loosely connected with the word of Astora Solaire, and primarily acts upon their own guidelines and codes of conduct.

There is no ranking in the Sisters Arcanis, due to their primary focus of reconnaissance, divination, artillery, and transportation. Instead, the Sisters Arcanis have sworn to support the clergy when needed, and in return they receive the support of the clergy when studying magic.

To become part of the Sisters Arcanis, one has to be a woman, wield arcane magic, swear to the same oath as the clergy, and live within a sanctioned Sister Arcanis dormitory. While this technically makes them part of the clergy, they are severely detached from the goals of the clergy, and it's quite common that the Sisters Arcanis pursue their own goals before those of the common people, if not strictly commanded to do otherwise.

Refusal to uphold the values of the clergy results in expulsion from the sisterhood and confiscation of all spellbooks, laboratory equipment, and magical items that they might've possessed. As such, most members of the Sisters Arcanis avoid committing treason and insubordinance.

Devoted Sisters

The Devoted is a specialized and highly valuable gathering of extremely well trained warriors. These acknowledge only the literal interpretation of the word of Astora Solaire, and are rarely seen.

Acting as both commando troops and Astora Solaire's personal guard, the Devoted reside with Solaire and march with her directly.

Becoming part of the Devoted requires only being a woman, and being invited by either a cardinal or Solaire herself. The Devoted are not paid, but instead spends most of their time training and being on duty living with and around Solaire at all times, sharing meals and beds with her.

It is common for the Devoted to literally be in love with Solaire, which has lead the common people to nickname them the "Sisters Fanatic".

Sisters of Solaire

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