Calistra's Sting

Calistra's Sting is a elvish mercenary group, usually connected with brigandry, murder, and violent racism. The group praises Calistra; the goddess of many faces and guises and is composed of Karrus, Ardur, Xilar, RynynPodila, and Urati.

Their uniform is brown and tan clothes, with their choice of arms being guisarmes and scorpion whips. 

Originating out of the Roomenya capital Beliath Hanwa (trans. "Mighty Seat", common "Seat of Power"), the group believes in elf supremacy and extreme prejudice, and is renowned for treating other races with displeasure. Despite their reputation, the group abstains from killing if they can't reasonably avoid prosecution.

The group has been known to be overtly friendly towards elves, even if they have little knowledge of these elves, yet there's stories of elves expressing a concerning amount of love for other races, and being left, robbed, or even murdered as a result.
Calistra's Sting has previously been hired by other races, mostly taking grand payments for their services, unless they are personally invested in the task, and has discounted ambitious or especially powerful elves, or even worked for them out of honor.

Calistra's Sting

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