Saint Barban's Town

Saint Barban's Town is a theocratic city protected by the Sisters of Solaire and the Deathshield Guardians. It is the most populous city in Dar'kharrow.

Law and justice

In St. Barban's Town, only churches can appear in court. The justice system is one called "Religious Moral Justice", where two distinct strains of crime can be pursued: Crimes against the community, and crimes against the individual. Judges have to be part of the church of Abadar for cases against the community, or the church of Irori for cases against the individual.

The prosecution is responsible for choosing a judge. All defendants are allowed to find a cleric who will be their defense attorney. Depending on strain of crime being pursued, it falls to prosecution to prove "harmful intent to disrupt the community or the individual, to the satisfaction of a representative of the respective church".

Crime against the community is defined as "assaulting or attempting to mislead the prosperity, freedom, or health of the public" and examples includes arson, fraud, defamation, false witness, negligence, terrorism, treason, and sabotage.

Crime against the individual is defined as "suppression of individual liberty and bodily autonomy" and examples include assault and bodily harm, murder, robbery, theft, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, torture, and deprivation of freedom.

Since crimes are seen in the context of the victim, a criminal can be prosecuted within both courts simultaneously, and the result of one court case has no influence on the other. 

In cases where the prosecution is done by the state (e.g. murder and treason), the prosecuter is usually a representative of the Church of Iomedae.

Saint Barban's Town

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